After Starting with Myriam’s Hope CBD Oil Gavin Started Talking in 6-7 Word Sentences

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This is my son Gavin. He has autism, mild cerebral palsy, a seizure disorder, cyclic vomiting syndrome and an extremely rare genetic anomaly. He was almost non-verbal until the age of 4 years old. He spoke in simple 3 word sentences and had no imaginary play. Gavin had extreme behavioral problems brought on by the combination of autism and the pharmaceutical medication Keppra, which was used to control his seizure disorder. Every day was a battle and it became clear that we were losing our son to what is known as the “Keppra Rage”.

Desperate to get our son back we began researching alternative medication after watching a CNN documentary entitled “Weeds”. Through various Facebook support groups and lots of research we found an amazing pediatric cannabis Doctor who helped us start our journey with medical marijuana. We prayed, but never imagined the extent of which cannabis oil would improve our son’s psychical, mental and emotional health.

The results were astounding. Within 10 days after starting the high Myriam’s Hope CBD oil Gavin started talking in 6-7 word sentences. His vocabulary and imaginary play skyrocketed! I remember the day he walked into the room with the laundry basket on his head and he said “Look Mom! I’m an astronaut in a rocket ship!” The extent of his vocabulary before starting the oil was “I want more” or “I need help”. In the beginning of the school year Gavin was given an iPad by the Glendora Unified School District as a communication device and within a few months they took it back because he didn’t need it anymore. He was able to effectively communicate his wants and needs on his own. It was truly a miracle. None of his teachers could believe it.

Two years later Gavin is now pharmaceutical free, seizure free and thriving!

We have proven seizure control verified through multiple EEG’s and autism is no longer a qualifying diagnosis for placement in the school district – meaning he is doing fantastic!

Today Gavin is your typical 6 year old boy who loves to sing, dance and bug his 4 year old little sister. Gavin attends 1st gradein a mild/moderate Special Education Class where he continues to make huge gains daily. We are so proud of his accomplishments and continued growth using Myriam’s Hopes Oils.

Gavins’ Mom

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