CBD Dosages: How Much to Take

CBD Dosages

CBD is a popular and effective treatment for many medical conditions and symptoms. It can help with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, seizures, and even cancer. Even for those not suffering from any medical ailments, CBD can be used to lower stress, improve sleep, and prevent the risk of various illnesses. When it comes to CBD dosages, how much to take can vary depending on what you’re using it for.

The good news about CBD dosages is that it’s very safe to take in any quantity. You can’t overdose, you won’t get addicted, and studies regularly find that there are no harmful health effects from taking a lot. In fact, many studies even find that large dosages of up to 600mg can be helpful. You can also buy CBD Oil in various quantities to suit your needs. Here’s a guide to CBD dosages.

CBD Dosages: How Much To Take

CBD dosages can get a little tricky. While only a small amount is needed for general use, the dosage you need can vary depending on what you’re trying to treat. It can also vary depending on your size and your tolerance to the treatment.

If you want to use CBD just for general health effects, 10-25mg per day should do you fine. However, if you need to treat an illness, you’ll most likely need more. For instance, those suffering from pain might need 25mg per day whereas epileptic patients may need up to 300mg.

If you aren’t getting the desired effects from CBD, there’s no harm in increasing your dosage. CBD is safe to take in high quantities, so you won’t experience negative side effects.

CBD Dosage for PainCBD Dosage for Pain

Whether you’re suffering from injury, muscle strains or chronic pain, CBD can help. Research shows that CBD is very effective for pain relief in all forms.

Studies generally indicate that a dosage of around 15-25mg of CBD per day is best. Those with a higher body weight may need more per day. It can also depend on the severity of your symptoms. For instance, those suffering from severe chronic pain will likely need more than those with aches and strains.

Daily 25 CBD is ideal for dealing with pain. This gives you a daily dosage of 25mg of CBD in a 750mg bottle. If 25mg per day doesn’t help with your symptoms, don’t be afraid to increase your dosage.

CBD Dosage for Anxiety

Behind pain, anxiety might be the most common use for CBD. In addition to its physically relieving effects, it can also relax you mentally. This can help with anxiety, depression, and stress in general for many users.

The amount you need to treat anxiety tends to be a lot higher than a regular dosage. A study on social anxiety used a single dose of 600mg of CBD to reduce anxiety symptoms almost instantly. A research review found that dosages for anxiety could vary widely, from 30mg per day to 300-600mg in one dose.

Those with severe anxiety symptoms will want a product such as Daily 100 CBD for a high dosage. However, smaller dosages may help for those dealing with general stress and moderate anxiety.

CBD Dosage for Seizures

CBD is also extremely helpful in treating seizures. There are many forms of epilepsy, some of which are very hard to treat via conventional treatments. CBD can help reduce the frequency of seizures and even eliminate them in some patients.

A 2018 study on using CBD for Lennox-Gastaut syndrome found that 20mg per kg of body weight per day reduced seizures by 41.9%. A dosage of 10mg/kg/day reduced seizures by 37.2%. Similarly, a study on using CBD for Dravet syndrome (another form of epilepsy) found that 20mg/kg/day was ideal for reducing seizures.

This suggests that dosages can vary widely, although high doses generally work best. A product such as Daily 100 CBD suits those aiming to treat seizures.

CBD Dosage for SleepCBD Dosage for Sleep

CBD can also help improve sleep in many ways. Those suffering from sleep disorders can benefit from its mentally relieving effects. It has sedative effects in high dosages, although even in lower dosages it can help reduce symptoms of insomnia such as stress and anxiety.

A sleep study found that a 160mg dose of CBD resulted in more sleep. However, dosages of 40mg and 80mg could also help in some ways, such as reducing dream recall. This may be helpful to sufferers of conditions like PTSD who have recurring nightmares.

It’s hard to give an exact recommended dosage for sleep, but around 150-160mg of CBD may help those with severe insomnia. Those with mild sleep problems may want to try a smaller dosage of 20-40mg per day to help over time.

How To Judge CBD Dosages

It’s very easy to control your CBD dosage. CBD Oil comes in bottles with a dropper, providing you a certain amount of CBD. This makes it simple to measure and get the right amount of CBD for your needs.

Myriam’s Hope Hemp provides CBD Oil bottles in various quantities. Those who only need a low dosage can opt for the Daily 25 CBD bottle, while those who need more can benefit from Daily 100 CBD. These give you a daily dose for 30 days, but you can always buy more than one if you need more than a month’s supply.

If you find that your initial CBD dosage isn’t working, you can always increase it. Taking CBD in higher dosages won’t harm your health or cause side effects as THC and other medications might. You may also want to consult with a doctor if you’re unsure on how much to take for your specific condition.


CBD dosages can vary massively. How much to take can depend on various factors, such as your size, what you need to treat, and the severity of your symptoms. Luckily, CBD is very safe to take in all quantities and you’re able to experiment with dosages. Scientific research has also given us an idea on the best dosages for different conditions. You can take CBD safely and legally and find out what works best for your needs.

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