Using Only Natural Remedies My Tumors Shrank


I am only just about 2 years in to my journey. Tumor shrinking has been consistent since I started. 🙂 I saw you guys featured on a playboy channel clip! Way to go!

When /I found out I had cancer I immediately started alternative therapy. Fist in tar, then in tincture. I got connected to Eloise at Green Health Consultants. She made a plan for my dosage. I started eating clean, no sugar or alcohol, started two chinese herbs and the high dose I had a little more than 2 months after the diagnosis before I started western medicine. In that first 2 months, with using only natural remedies, my tumors shrank! I have been on a very high dose of CBD oils for the past two years. I have stage 4 metastatic breast cancer that showed up in my liver….every scan has showed decrease and only two in the past two years have just stayed stable with no shrinking. I feel this CBD treatment is a very big part of my healing. It also keeps me relaxed! I will say it is not easy and it is very worth it in my opinion. Thank you Myriam’s Hope for providing this product at a fair rate!

Keri Vaca

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One thought on “Using Only Natural Remedies My Tumors Shrank

  1. That is awesome Keri Vaca! Are you ER+ HER2- ?

    I was diagnosed stage 4 with meta to liver and bones. I’ve been through 4 treatments already, nothing working longer than 6months. What dosage of CBD are you up to? My consultant suggested 200 a day, but I have to work up to it, as I’ve been getting high which I don’t like. So this week 100, next week I’ll work up. Do you spread out your dosage? Like 50 in morning 50 at night? Thanks for any info you can give! And best of luck with your continued success in this sucky disease!

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