Using Only Natural Remedies My Tumors Shrank

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I am only just about 2 years in to my journey. Tumor shrinking has been consistent since I started. 🙂 I saw you guys featured on a playboy channel clip! Way to go!

When /I found out I had cancer I immediately started alternative therapy. Fist in tar, then in tincture. I got connected to Eloise at Green Health Consultants. She made a plan for my dosage. I started eating clean, no sugar or alcohol, started two chinese herbs and the high dose I had a little more than 2 months after the diagnosis before I started western medicine. In that first 2 months, with using only natural remedies, my tumors shrank! I have been on a very high dose of CBD oils for the past two years. I have stage 4 metastatic breast cancer that showed up in my liver….every scan has showed decrease and only two in the past two years have just stayed stable with no shrinking. I feel this CBD treatment is a very big part of my healing. It also keeps me relaxed! I will say it is not easy and it is very worth it in my opinion. Thank you Myriam’s Hope for providing this product at a fair rate!

Keri Vaca

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