Hemp Oil vs Cannabis Oil

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It’s easy to get mixed up when it comes to Hemp Oil and Cannabis Oil.

Even the products can be confusing, with terms often being used for multiple different types of oil. Both hemp and marijuana are plants from the cannabis species. However, Cannabis Oil often refers to oils with extracts from marijuana, while Hemp Oil usually refers to hemp seed oil which is used in cooking.

The other option is CBD Oil. CBD Oil can be derived from either hemp or marijuana, although sometimes you might see CBD Oils referred to as Hemp Oils if they use hemp extract. CBD Oil made from hemp is usually preferable for customers- it’s much more legally available thanks to laws permitting the use of hemp products and states having their own industrial hemp programs.

Hemp Oil, Cannabis Oil, and CBD Oil can all come in different types and they all have their own benefits. CBD Oils are known for their hemp-derived medical benefits while Cannabis Oils can include both CBD and THC for medical and recreational effects. While Hemp Seed Oil doesn’t contain any cannabinoids, it does have some great benefits for the body.

Here’s a guide on Hemp Oil vs Cannabis Oil, how to tell them apart, and which one you should use.

What is Hemp Oil?

The materials from hemp plants are used in all kinds of ways. You’ll often find jewelry, clothes, food, and even building materials. The U.S. Farm Bill made the production and sale of hemp much more widespread, and there are now tons of hemp products out there. Many states even have their own industrial hemp programs.

One of the many products made from hemp is Hemp Oil. Although Hemp Oil sometimes refers to full-spectrum CBD Oil made out of hemp, it usually refers to Hemp Seed Oil- a nutritious cooking oil used in the same way as products such as olive oil and vegetable oil. It’s made by pressing the seeds from hemp plants to extract the oil.

Hemp has many benefits for the human body. And while Hemp Seed Oil doesn’t contain CBD or other cannabinoids, it still has some impressive nutritious properties. For instance, Hemp Oil is high in Super Omega-3 and Super Omega-6. These two healthy fatty acids are known for improving skin, hair, and heart health. It’s also high in vitamins and minerals and can help prevent certain diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

Many people cook with Hemp Oil for this reason. Hemp Oil is sometimes also used in skin products such as moisturizers due to the beneficial effects it has on your skin. However, for overall benefits, most people opt for hemp-derived CBD Oil rather than Hemp Cooking Oil.

What is Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis plants are packed with all kinds of chemical compounds and essential oils which can help the body and mind. Most people use cannabis for the effects of THC, a psychoactive cannabinoid known to give euphoric effects. Cannabis also contains a wide variety of other cannabinoids such as CBN, CBG, and CBD, all of which can have overall benefits for your health. It also contains a range of terpenes- essential oils which have also been shown to have therapeutic benefits.

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Cannabis Oils extract the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from cannabis for use in a simple and convenient oil product. Taking Cannabis Oil orally or sublingually results in the cannabinoids interacting with your endocannabinoid system to produce a range of therapeutic effects.

These oils usually contain high levels of either THC, CBD or both. THC-based cannabis oils will give you the same effects as smoking or vaping marijuana. You’ll feel relaxed, happy, euphoric, as well as getting a range of therapeutic effects such as relief for pain and anxiety. CBD can also help with relieving pain, reducing stress, and preventing the risk of certain health ailments.

The difference between Cannabis Oils and hemp-based oils is usually the levels of THC. Hemp plants contain low levels of THC, so while Cannabis Oils can get you high, hemp-based CBD Oils won’t. However, THC can still be found in cannabis plants. Some Cannabis Oils, usually known as 1:1 Oil, contain high levels of THC and CBD, giving you the benefits of both.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD Oil or CBD Tincture is a liquid-based product which contains cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid renowned for its therapeutic effects. Studies showu that many users find CBD Oil therapeutic for a range of health issues, including pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, depression, seizures, and many others.

CBD Oil can be derived from either hemp or marijuana plants- cannabidiol is one of the most prominent cannabinoids found in these plants. However, most CBD products nowadays are made from hemp. This is due to the laws around cannabis and hemp. While cannabis use is still illegal in many states, the Farm Bill allows for the sale and use of hemp products across the country. Because of this, hemp-based CBD Oils are classified as food supplements and are legal to use.

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Hemp-based CBD Oils contain less than 0.3% THC to ensure there are no psychoactive side effects. Due to this, CBD is a very safe substance to use with no addictive properties and no harmful side effects. Users of all ages can buy CBD Oil made from hemp without a prescription and use it for all kinds of purposes. It’s quickly gaining popularity and new research is regularly coming out identifying potential benefits of using it.

There are also marijuana-based CBD Oils, but you’ll need to live in a legal state to use these. Marijuana is fully legal in some states for those aged 21 and above. Others have medical programs which allow patients with certain debilitating conditions to use cannabis oils as treatment. Cannabis-based CBD Oils may also contain high levels of THC in some cases.

How to Use CBD Hemp Oil

CBD Oil or Tincture is very easy to use. In fact, one of the key benefits of using CBD Oil is its convenience. You can use it anywhere and effects can take place within as little as 20 minutes.

CBD Oil comes in a small bottle with a dropper which allows you to measure out your dosage of CBD. For general effects, around 15-25mg should be enough. 25mg is also the recommended dose for pain, whereas issues such as anxiety, depression, and seizures usually require a higher dosage.

The fastest way to administer CBD Oil is underneath your tongue. Apply it and hold it there for around one to two minutes and the cannabinoids will be absorbed into your body where they’ll attach to the endocannabinoid receptors in your system.

You can also use CBD Oil orally. Simply swallowing it can give you the same effects, although it’s generally more enjoyable to add it to foods or drinks. Effects may take a little longer to kick in with oral consumption.

Alternatively, if you’re using Hemp Seed Oil, it’s easy to cook with. Much like other cooking oils such as Olive Oil or Coconut Oil, you can apply it to recipes or use it to fry foods. Eating these will give you the benefits of Hemp Oil.

How to Use Cannabis Oil

Alternatively, you may want to use Cannabis Oil for the benefits of both THC and CBD. Much like CBD Oils, you can use Cannabis Oils in various ways, with the most effective being sublingual absorption.

Cannabis Oils come in bottles which tell you how much THC and CBD they contain. This makes it easy to measure out the dosage you need and apply it either sublingually or orally. When dealing with THC, make sure not to use too much. Just 10mg of THC can give you strong psychoactive effects, and using too much can result in uncomfortable side effects.

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For the fastest effects, apply the oil under your tongue and hold it there for a couple of minutes. You should feel the effects within around 20 minutes, although it can vary from person to person.

You can also apply Cannabis Oil to foods, drinks or swallow it. When you swallow THC, it’s digested and converted by your liver into a stronger form, giving you more powerful effects. However, it can take up to a couple of hours for effects to kick in when you take Cannabis Oil orally.

Where to Buy CBD Oil

CBD products made with hemp are now legally available across the United States. In many states, you can find CBD stores, head shops, and vape stores which sell CBD Oils. You can even find CBD Oil in some health stores.

The easiest way to get high-quality CBD Oil is to buy it online. You can order CBD Oil for delivery across the country and have it sent safely to your door. It’s safe, convenient, and a great way to get all the CBD you need.

Myriam’s Hope Hemp provides a range of quality CBD products for all purposes. These products all contain hemp instead of marijuana and have THC levels lower than 0.3%. Because of this, they’re legal across the states. They’re also lab-tested to ensure high quality.

Daily 25 CBD is enough for any beginner user to try CBD Oil out. Each of these bottles contains 750mg of CBD, split into 30 servings of 25mg. As such, it’s enough to give you a healthy daily dose for around a month. However, you may want to take more or less depending on your needs.

Daily 50 CBD is a better option if you need to stock up on CBD or simply want higher doses. These bottles contain a whopping 1500mg of CBD. Whether you need a high daily dose or you want it to last you a few months, this is ideal. For even more, you can also buy Daily 100 CBD.

Where to Buy Cannabis Oil

Unlike hemp products, cannabis products are a little trickier to buy and whether you can get them largely depends on where you live.

Some states allow adults to freely buy Cannabis Oils and other cannabis products providing they’re 21 years of age or over. In these states, you can find Cannabis Oils in legal marijuana stores and dispensaries.

Some states will require you to obtain a medical card or prescription in order to use Cannabis Oils. This usually involves signing up for a card through the state and providing proof of a debilitating illness through a qualified medical marijuana doctor. These states have legal dispensaries in place to access cannabis products.

There are still some states where cannabis is illegal, although some have exemptions for patients with certain conditions to use CBD Oil. Buying hemp-based CBD products is often a good alternative for those in legal states as they’re much easier to buy.

Hemp Oil vs Cannabis Oil: Which Should You Use?

Hemp CBD Oil and Cannabis Oil both have their benefits, and which one you should use often depends on your individual needs. It’s worth noting that, while Hemp Seed Oil can also have some health benefits, those looking for the effects of cannabinoids can rule it out as it does not contain cannabidiol.

CBD Oil is an attractive option for most people as it gives you the benefits of CBD without getting you high. The effects are purely therapeutic, and more and more people are beginning to use CBD for a variety of purposes. Hemp-based CBD Oil is legal across the states and easy to buy online, making it accessible to anyone, even without a medical prescription.

Cannabis Oil can be tougher to get your hands on unless you live in a state where recreational cannabis is legalized. However, it does have its benefits. Many users enjoy the effects of THC for both recreational and medical purposes. Some also find the effects of THC stronger for things like relieving pain and stress. However, both hemp-based CBD Oils and Cannabis Oils are helpful and many users use both.


The main difference between Hemp Oils and Cannabis Oils is the levels of THC. Cannabis Oils can have high levels of THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid which gets you high. Hemp-based CBD Oil, on the other hand, must have levels of 0.3% THC or less, making it safe and free from psychoactive side effects. Nonetheless, both of these products can come in handy and the choice often comes down to what’s available to you and what suits your needs better.

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